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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Checklist and Guide

Disasters can happen at any time, at any place and without warning. In a natural disaster, disease outbreak, terrorist attack or other major emergency, a network of local, regional, state and federal systems will initiate pre-planned and practiced responses. Beyond the municipal and public health responses, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommend that you and your family prepare to take care of yourselves as much as possible in a disaster.

For the most basic preparedness, this means:

• collecting important data in one, easily accessible location.

• having a basic emergency kit ready.

Downloading the Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Checklist and Guide and filling in your local emergency information is an excellent start. Collecting some basic supplies (not much more than you’d put together for a camping trip) will also provide the basics for you and your family if and when a disaster occurs. Planning for medium and long-term supply chain disruptions that prohibit your ability to access food and other necessities is also a good strategy in major disasters. Finally, it is important to be able to “shelter in place” – or stay at home or another protected area away from the impacts of the disaster until it is safe to leave.

The Emergency Preparedness Checklist and Guide provides you a means to collect necessary and information in the one piece of equipment you always have on you - your phone.


Disaster Kit Checklists

Personal Medical Record Database with export to email function.

Reminders every 6 months to check/rotate kit supplies

Family Emergency Plan

Insurance and vehicle information

General information on disaster basics

Basic CPR and First Aid information

U.S. Military Survival Manual included!

Ability to import photos and PDF files of EKGs, X-rays, lab results, discharge summaries, and other medical information, or other disaster-related diagrams and information.

Planned future updates: 

Sync Medical Information with Google Health! 

Export Medical Information to PDF

Regular additions of disaster preparedness information

Port to Android